How we work

Members of the CCB work together under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding and have agreed to work to the commonly agreed Guiding Principles for the operation and management of human research biobanks.

The Confederation’s guiding principles underpin its operation and outline a member’s commitment to maintaining public trust, upholding their responsibilities as custodians of donated samples and also, in providing benefit through the provision of for biosamples from donors to end-user researchers.

These guiding principles are:

  • biobanks are for the public benefit
  • biobanks should be based in donation with consent
  • biobanks should protect public trust
  • biobanks are integral to the provision of healthcare, although often secondary to the primary healthcare of the donors
  • the operators of biobanks act as custodians
  • biobanks exist to provide a quality service
  • human biobanks should be purposeful
  • biosamples should not be traded as commodities.

» Memorandum of Understanding, 2007 (PDF)

» CCB Guiding Principles, 2012 (PDF)