Data and Quality  Standards

CCB has been working with members of the biobanking community to develop Standards that can be used by biobank staff to assure the quality of the samples and data that they hold. Although led by CCB, the standards developed are designed to be generic to all biobanks and tissue collections, irrespective of the disease focus. They can also be used as the basis of an accreditation scheme that will award a ‘quality mark’ to biobanks achieving the required standards.


The CCB has developed two related Standards. The Quality Standard covers the management of quality in a biobank and will provide the basis of the planned accreditation scheme. The Data Standard shows the data needed to support effective communication about biobanks and the samples they are able to provide.

» View the Quality Standard, version 1.0, 2014 (PDF)

» View the Data Standard, version 1.0, 2014 (PDF)