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CCB and CM-Path held a joint meeting in Glasgow on 17 October, on “working together” to maximise opportunities. The CCB has always shared best practice in a climate of mutual support. This is as important as ever in the rapidly changing biobanking landscape.

The programme included:

  • Presentations from representatives of the CM-Path initiative, BBMRI-ERIC and the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre
  • Discussion of new challenges and new technologies
  • A view from Scotland: Scotland’s biobank accreditation scheme and the Scottish Genomes Partnership

»Programme – Working together: Collaboration in the Cancer Biobanking Landscape (pdf)

Speakers’ Presentations

» The Cancer Biobanking Landscape_Andy Hall (pdf)

» CRUK Stratified Medicine Programme_Rowena Sharpe (pdf) NB This presentation contains some unpublished data

» Industry Evaluation and Approval to supply tissue – Case Study GGC Biorepository_Jane Hair(pdf)

» Accreditation of NHS boards Human Tissue Collection for Research_Sharon Baillie (pdf)

» BBMRI-ERIC_ Marialuisa Lavitrano (pdf)

» Tissue Access – developing guidelines_Clare Verrill (pdf)

»UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre_Phil Quinlan (pdf)

This interactive event was attended by donors, members of the biobanking community, regulators and researchers.

Read more about the event in a short report by the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre and watch the UKCRC presentation from the workshop:

» “Working Together: Collaboration in the Cancer Biobanking Landscape” – summary by UKCRC Centre





Informed consent in a digital age - 11 December 2015

Research using human tissues is becoming more complicated and there has been a welcome shift towards treating research participants as active partners rather than passive subjects. This is placing increasing pressures on the process of consent- with conflicting pressures to make the information underpinning informed consent more comprehensive and more comprehendible. “Informed consent in a digital age” will explore the meaning and importance of informed consent from the perspective of the donor, regulator and scientist and explore new ways in which consent may be obtained using on-line techniques.

With input from senior representatives of the HRA and HTA and leading research groups in the field of tissue based research  this meeting will be of interest to donors, members of the biobanking community, regulators and researchers.

» Meeting agenda (PDF)  » Meeting presentations (zip file) 


Creating a flexible biobanking model for maximum research benefits-29 September 2014

To meet complex research requirements Biobanks need to evolve and become ever more flexible in their model. In collaboration with the MCRC Biobank,  a one day workshop was held to explore how biobanking in Manchester has evolved to meet the complex research needs of local researchers.

Strengthening Public and Patient Engagement in Biobanking - Developing Plans for Action - 18 June 2014
This one-day workshop focused on many of the challenges and opportunities of communicating with, involving and engaging the public and donors, including a number of case studies on:

  • The value of social media in connecting with the public
  • Communicating change in healthcare systems
  • Future-proofing tissue collection through a patient-orientated a consent model ‘Swipe to Donate’

» Meeting agenda (PDF) » Meeting presentations (zip file)


'Swipe here to donate' - an interactive public event - 11 November 2013
This free evening event for the public was held at the Royal College of Pathologists.
Ensuring Success in Biosample Collection for Clinical Trials Workshop - 6 November 2013
This half-day workshop focused on many of the challenges linked to sample collection during clinical trials including:

  • Navigating through regulatory requirements
  • Standardisation of pathology and quality issues
  • Future-proofing tissue collection to handle new technologies
  • Extending the use of samples beyond the trial

Tackling Regulatory Aspects

» Meeting presentations (zip file)

Data Standardisation and Integration - 17 July 2013
This workshop examined the challenges of linking data to biosamples collected for research including:

  • Data collection within the NHS and how relevant clinical data can be made available
  • Data infrastructure for national biobank projects
  • Managing data when it comes back from researchers
  • Connecting biobank data with informatics platforms for translational research

» Meeting presentations (zip file)


Access and Consent in Biobanking - 10 October 2012
This workshop was hosted by CCB member Newcastle Biomedicine Centre Biobank. Patients are normally prepared to donate tissue to be banked for future research. In fact they are often disappointed not to be asked if they are aware that banking is a possibility. However, they have a right to expect that their donation will be put to the best possible use. This may involve samples being sent to laboratories based outside the centre which collected their tissues. Researchers need to have access to large numbers of good quality samples to perform high quality research. Acquiring these may take considerable time and effort. Science can be a competitive activity, with acclaim awarded to the first person to report a new finding. Consequently researchers may want to restrict access to the samples they have collected. This workshop explored the issues surrounding these conflicting pressures. » Meeting presentations (zip file)
Symposium on Biosample Quality - 9 May 2012
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Tissue and Data Research Bank in collaboration with the King’s Haemato-oncology Tissue Bank, hosted the inaugural member-hosted meeting. The presentations and discussions covered the following topics:

  • Aspects of quality management for both solid and liquid biosamples
  • Pre-analytical factors in the handling of biosamples
  • Practical considerations for recording information on sample handling

» Meeting presentations (zip file)