Access to samples

UKCRC Tissue Directory

Tissue Directory is one area of focus for the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre. The purpose of the directory is to capture the UK’s capacity and capabilities in collecting data and samples to the benefit of research. The Tissue Directory is now open for researchers and organisations who are custodians of samples to register their collections. The full search capability will be available mid-2016.

» UKCRC Tissue Directory (external website)

Access Policy Template

The CCB has developed a template for access policy development. The template provides researchers and organisations that hold biosamples with practical guidance to creating a policy that will enable them to share their biosamples with other researchers. The content of the template was informed through consultation with research funders, regulatory bodies and biobanks, as well as researchers, healthcare providers and patient representatives. A template data and material transfer agreement is also included in the document.

» Template for access policy development, 2009 (PDF)

» Consultation to develop the Access Policy Template, 2008 (PDF)

» Summary of consultation responses 2008 (PDF)